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FICAS Build Time

  1. Download CLASParser.zip. (Last updated on January 22, 2003)
  2. Install JavaCC compiler.  (JavaCC docs)
  3. Build CLASParser.
    Refer to the MAKEFILE in the CLASParser package.
    Run 'nmake' under Windows, or 'make' under Unix.
  4. Compile a sample CLAS program.
    'nmake test', or
    java CLASParser DemoProg1.txt > DemoProg1.xml

FICAS Run Time

  1. Download the following library files :
    FICAS.zip (Last updated on January 22, 2003)
    xerces.jar (Apache Xerces Java XML Parser 1.3.0)
    soap.jar (Apache SOAP 2.2)
  2. Add the Java library files onto the CLASSPATH environment variable.
  3. Refer to FICAS API Docs for building autonomous services.