Download and Installation

WADA contains two core programs:

·        motionplan.LSP: a LISP routine that is capable of deriving geometrical data from an ADT drawing and displaying a wheelchair access path in ADT (if a path is found by the motion planner).

·        mp.exe: a motion planner built as an extension of the RRTExtExt planner from Motion Strategy Library. It takes a wheelchair description, initial and goal states of the wheelchair, a space description (obstacles), and a set of wheelchair constraints (‘Inputs’ vector), and then tempts to find an accessible path between the initial position and the goal position.


Other required files are

·        GeomDim: The dimension of the environment

·        Model2DRigidCar: A file represents the model of a wheelchair.

·        IntialState: The initial state of a wheelchair.

·        GoalState: The goal state of a wheelchair.

·        Robot:  The geometrical description of a wheelchair.

·        Obs:  The geometrical description a space.

·        Inputs: A set of vectors that control the turning radius of the wheelchair.


Download []

Unzip all file into a directory where ADT drawings are stored.