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Welcome to EIG

The Engineering Informatics Group (EIG) conducts interdisciplinary research focusing on the application of advanced computing, information and communication technologies to engineering.


Current Research Activities:

  • Distributed Engineering and Business Services: Research in this area involves the utilization of fast speed communication network, Internet and wireless technologies for collaborative engineering computing. Investigation also includes product and process modeling, workflow and supply chain management.

  • Engineering and Legal Information Management: Research in this area focuses on developing techniques to facilitate the organization, management and retrieval of engineering data, information and knowledge. Of particular interests are the management and exchange of project, product and process data. Engineering documents that are of interests include design codes, governmental regulations and legal information. Research investigations range from document parsing and translations, information retrieval, patent retrieval, data and text mining, knowledge discovery, product and process information exchange standards, and compliance assistance.

  • Sensing, Monitoring, Control and Structural Dynamics: Current research and development in this area include the development of a wireless modular integrated sensing system for structural health monitoring, distributed and decentralized control strategies, statistical-based damage detection methods.

  • Design Simulations: Research in this area focuses on the modeling of human and social behaviors for design simulations. Current research involves the development of software tools for accessibility analysis and egress simulations.

  • Computational Engineering: Research in this area involves the development of software infrastructure for engineering analyses and simulations. Of particular interests are algorithms and software architectures for parallel, distributed and high performance computers.  Investigation also includes the development of efficient solution methods for linear system of equations as well as for generalized, quadratic and perturbed eigenvalue problems.

  • Sustainability: Research in this area focuses on sustainable and net-zero buildings.


Engineering Informatics Group, Y2E2 Building
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305