Gao Peng

Gao Peng

I was born on Jun 1982, in Sichuan Province of China. I enrolled in Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Tongji University In 2001, and graduated in 2005 from Tongji University with a B. E. and then passed entrance examinations for postgraduate students. After more than 1 year of postgraduate study under the direction of professor XuRuihua, I enrolled in a doctoral program, which is designed for excellent M. S. candidates, and providing scholarship.

Study experience

I sank my teeth into pedestrian simulation in 2003: enlightened by a computer game named "Age of Empires", I set about to study real time path planning for thousands of pedestrians with A*. My graduation thesis "Passenger flow simulation in urban mass transit station" awarded the "Praise for excellent graduation thesis of Tongji University" in 2005.

Being a graduate student, I joined many research projects, and study more in-depth in crowd dynamics and pedestrian simulation, as well as set about to develop my own simulation system.

On Oct. 2006, I attend the "The 3rd TongZhou Traffic Forum of China", made a speech, published "Simulation approaches for passenger flows in urban mass transit station" [5].

On May 2007, I attend "The 7th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals", made a speech, published "3-tier Architecture for Pedestrian Agent in Crowd Simulation" [6]. The English version of this paper was included by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) and indexed by EI [1].

On Dec 2007, I led a team to attend Shanghai Trials for "The 10th Challenge Cup of National Competition of Chinese College Students' Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Achievements", and we awarded second prize. In the same year, I was appointed to be a trustee of Traffic & Transportation Engineering Society of Tongji University.

On Feb. 2008, I went to Germany to addend the poster session of "4th International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics", published "3-tier Architecture for Pedestrian Agent in Crowd Simulation" [3].

Programming experience

I began to learn Visual Basic 6.0 since 2002, and developed many small programs just for fun. Shortly I turned to C++ for more flexibility, and develop a pedestrian simulation program for urban mass transit station with Borland C++ Builder 6.0 (graduation thesis).

After postgraduate study, I migrated to ".NET": developed a module of "Train Operation Plan Making" for "Maglev Transport Organization Simulation System", and 1.0 vision of "Pedestrian Simulation System for Urban Mass Transit Station" with Visual C++.

After 2007, I began to learn C#, and developed 2.0 vision of "Pedestrian Simulation System for Urban Mass Transit Station" and many other programs.

In the winter quarter of 2008-2009, I joined EIG as a visiting researcher, participationg on reaserach related to agent-based egress simulation.

As now, I'm trying to learn some web 2.0 technologies, such as Ajax framework (jQuery, Spry, mootools) , and silverlight.

Contact Me

Address in USA 869 S. Tolman Dr. Stanford
California 94305
Office Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building,  Room 271, Stanford University
Phone 650-493-8523
Address in China 4800 CaoAn Road
Campus JiaDing, Building 13, Room 704
Tongji University
Shanghai, China, Zip code: 201804
Phone 021-65984153