Stanford & Me
Jlia Jack Me Prof.Law
Julia Prof.Law Me Jack
At Main Quad
The biking way to school every morning
At Oval
My office
My room
At Memorial Church
Chinese new year parity
Green Library
Spanish officemate
Russian officemate
Visiting Schalor Yushu
Backside of Memorial Church
Corridor of Main Quad
Front of Old Union
Front of Memorial Church
Main Quad
Main Quad
Hoover Tower
Front of Memorial Church
West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz
Dr. Chen and me at Light House
Post Dr. Rik and me
Natural Brige
A sufer and me
Some summer houses near the coast

Travel Germany
The Cathedral of Cologne
Cologne and me
Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral
Wuppertal & me
Wuppertaler Schwebebahn
Wuppertal & me
My German Breakfast
My poster

Tongji & Me
The playground near my dorm
Tongji Ston
Small island
Pose of revolution
My gf at a park near Jiading
Our football team
My Group
Traveling Ningbo

Hometown & Family
The Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Tianxi Garden, Xichang
Tianxi Garden, Xichang
The night scene of the city
My Father
My Mother
My Family
Legend of Torch Festival
My sister
My Brother
My whole family