• Complex Science, Fractal
  • Crow Dynamics, Collective Behavior and Group Decision Making, Pedestrian Modeling and Simulation, Multi-agent System
  • Genetic Algorithm , Ant Colony Optimization, Artificial Neural Networks, Heuristic Search (A*, Ranking Path)
  • .Net (WPF, WCF, WF; C#, LINQ, XML; ADO.NET, SQL Server; ASP.NET, AJAX)

1 Project of State Hi-tech Research Development Plan (863 Program)

  • Name: Integrated Urban Mass Transit Operation Simulation and Passenger Flow Simulation System (Approved Code:2007AA11Z204)
  • Time Span: 2007.06 - 2009.06
  • Objective: Under the background of network operation, provide decision support for transportation plan and passenger flow management.
  • Description : Base on the existing "Pedestrian Simulation System" and "Transportation Simulation System", study how to build a combined distributed simulation system.
  • My Responsibility: Theoretical research,Modeling,Architecture design,Developing and Testing.

2 Project of Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd

  • Name: Pedestrian Simulation System for Urban Mass Transit Station
  • Time Span: 2007.1 - 2008.6
  • Objective: Provide decision support for the planning, designing and operation management of Urban Mass Transit Station, .
  • Description :Involved crow dynamics study, pedestrian modeling, simulation system design and development.
  • My Responsibility: Theoretical research,Modeling,Conceptual design, Functional design, Architecture design, Developing and Testing.

3 Project of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd

  • Name: Decision Support System for Operation of Urban Mass Transit
  • Time Span: 2007.9 - 2008.6
  • Objective: Based on the analysis of passenger volume data of lines, sections and stations, predict transportation demand and temporal and spacial distribution of passenger flows over the networks, and provide decision support for transportation plans (especially during the Olympic Games) .
  • My Responsibility: Architecture design, designing and developing Reports Subsystem (Reporting Service), Data Access tier (ADO.NET), Ranking Path Finding Module, and Section Volume Calculation Module. Technical support for Remoting and Smart Client.

4 Project of Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd.

  • Name: Decision Support for Maglev Transport Organization
  • Time Span: 2007.10 - 2008.3
  • Description : According to information of line infrastructure, transportation demand, and operation mode of trains, decide the "Operation Concept" and make train operation plans.
  • My Responsibility: Design and develop the module of "Train Operation Plan Making".

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