My own way to Building Photo gallery

Where to store you own information for photos?

Photo gallery usually need some information, such as title, description, time, etc. This information can be stored in XML file, or database. However, there might be some problems when you rename or move your photos, and you may oftern need to do that.

So I think the best way is to story the information directly into photo.

Exchangeable image file format (Exif) is a specification for the image file format used by digital cameras. The specification uses the existing JPEG, TIFF Rev. 6.0, and RIFF WAV file formats, with the addition of specific metadata tags.

You can easy store a lot information into JPEG, by some software like ACDSee, when you modifing your photo.

Store you own information into JPEG

I develop a program (named "img.html") to generate photo gallery

After wrote comments to my photos, I can just import them into this program, then it will do every thing for me:

browse photos within img.html

  • Read information form photos, such as title, description, linked video, etc.
  • Generate thumbnail images for each photo.
  • Manage relative path, that means photos can be store in different directory. I only need to specify destination web page. e.g. it will find calculate right path like this img src="../../Photos/Stanford_Me/Small_50.jpg".
  • Generate different kinds of Html or JavaScript code for specific needs.

Generating html code automatically

Demo Show